New Jersey Cannabis and Marijuana License

New Jersey Cannabis and Marijuana License

Illinois, Massachusetts, and Montana have already legalized the use of cannabis and marijuana. The next is New Jersey. In addition, the state has legalized the use of cannabis for both adults and medical purposes. That means people, who want to grow cannabis, should get a New Jersey cannabis and marijuana license.

Adults, who want to buy cannabis, should go to licensed stores. Every adult can possess up to six ounces of marijuana without any penalty. But if you are not 21 yet and the police caught you with marijuana, you may face penalties.

For the first offense, the teenager will get a warning note. The parents should also get a notification. After that, if the second offense happens, you may be sent to “community-based support centers”.

The fact that marijuana is legal in New Jersey does not mean you can smoke it wherever you want. You can only smoke and use marijuana on your own property or in hospitals (if it is for treatment).

Buying Marijuana and Cannabis

Adults patients can buy medical cannabis and marijuana in special shops called ATCs (Alternative Treatment Centers). They will need to show the documents signed by a physician that show the need for weed for treatment. Every patient or their caregiver can buy no more than 3 ounces of marijuana per month. However, hospitals and people, whose illness is incurable, do not have a limit for buying cannabis and marijuana.

Patients can buy medical cannabis in different forms such as oil, flower, topical, and oral lozenges.

New Jersey Marijuana License Types

Since 2010 New Jersey has legalized the use of medical marijuana. Lately, the state has also legalized the use of recreational cannabis and marijuana. Thus, people who wanted to grow, use and sell marijuana, need a New Jersey Cannabis and Marijuana License.

  • The first license type is Cultivation License. It permits businesses to own, package, and sell marijuana. They can sell the plants to ATC’s. However, with a cultivator license, you cannot sell anything to patients. If you own territory up to 5000 square feet, you can have only one cultivation endorsement.
  • A manufacturer’s license allows people to own and process marijuana. They can buy, manufacture, and even do researches. However, they can cooperate with ATCs and not with patients.
  • Dispensary license permits to buy, manufacture, and sell marijuana to patients. They can buy cannabis and marijuana from Manufacturer’s and Cultivator’s.
  • There is also an opportunity to get the cultivators, manufacturers, and dispensary licenses at the same time. It is called a Vertically Integrated Permit.

New Jersey Cannabis License Types

  • First, people, who want to plant cannabis, should get a Class 1 Cannabis Cultivator License. The license will allow to plant, sell and transport cannabis. License owners can transport the cannabis to the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers. However, they cannot transport the cannabis to the consumers.
  • Companies that provide cannabis delivery services should get Cannabis Delivery License Class 6. They can thus deliver cannabis to manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and even to consumers.
  • Any permitted individual or business transporting cannabis must have a Class 4 Cannabis Distributor license. Thus, the license permits them to transport cannabis to other licensed companies and even store some amount of cannabis.
  • Cannabis Manufacturer license Class 2 is for people or businesses that buy cannabis, process, and package them. Then, they can sell and transport the cannabis to other companies, ATCs but not to consumers.
  • New Jersey Cannabis Retailer license Class 5 is for companies and individuals, who buy and process cannabis for selling them later. They can as well transport the cannabis to wholesalers, retailers, and processors. However, they are not allowed to send cannabis to consumers.
  • An individual or company must hold a Class 3 Cannabis Wholesaler license to get, store, sell, or transfer cannabis goods for resale. They as well cannot transfer cannabis to consumers.

New Jersey Cannabis and Marijuana License Application

Whenever you want to get a New Jersey cannabis and Marijuana license, you need to fill in the application form. But before you do so, you must find, rent or own special territory. Your territory must be about 1000 feet away from communities. You will need a separate building or commercial establishment.

Whenever you want to buy a dispensary, you should also provide a good business plan. The state government must be informed how long and how you are going to operate in New Jersey. Your business plan must also include the goals, process requirements, and financing details.

Before you start your application, it is a good idea to use an attorney consulting service. The dispensary also is a kind of a business and has its risks and requirements. Generally, the application calls are not open for the whole year. So, you should take into account having your documents prepared for the special time of the year.

Your application must include:

  • Your proof of identity. It can be a residential ID or Driver’s ID,
  • Secondly, you will need to submit your fingerprints. If you have a business partner, he/she as well must submit fingerprints,
  • Then, you must also show the documents of the territory,
  • And finally, you must fill in the application form.

Note that applicants must be at least 21 years old.

Medical Marijuana and Cannabis

People, who have incurable diseases, can apply for a Medical Card to use marijuana and cannabis. They will need to sign in with the state patient registry and get their ID card. The ID card is usually given from the New Jersey Health Department in the frame of the Medical Marijuana Program.

A medical card is a document showing a person can legally use and buy marijuana. People with the following diseases can apply for a medical card:

  • ALS/Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Patients with anxiety
  • Wasting syndrome/cachexia
  • Illnesses that cause chronic pain
  • Glaucoma
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Some kinds of migraines
  • Incurable illnesses, such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, etc.
  • Epilepsy

Patients, who need to get a medical card, should get a physician’s signature at first. Then, they will need to fill in their application, submit a photo, and ID. They must be residents of New Jersey and also make a $100 payment.

If the person is not able to buy marijuana and cannabis because of an illness, he/she can have up to 2 caregivers. The caregivers will get permission to buy the weed for them. They must be at least 18 years old. Also, they may be immediate family members or relatives. In case the caregiver is a relative or a friend, they must pass a background check.

Can I grow cannabis in my own territory?

Growing cannabis for your personal use at your home has not been legal. New Jersey law requires you to buy cannabis from licensed stores or get a license to grow cannabis.

The state government discusses a law that will allow people to grow cannabis at home. Based on the S3582 law, New Jersey residents, who are at least 21 years old, can grow cannabis at home. So, the residents can grow no more than 12 plants of cannabis for their personal use. The patients will be allowed to grow up to 10 plants of cannabis.

Can I freely buy cannabis in New Jersey?

For now, New Jersey residents, who are at least 21, can own up to 6 ounces of marijuana. But as the state law is not final yet, there is no legal place to buy it.

Am I allowed to buy cannabis in another state and bring it to New Jersey?

No. It is federally illegal to transport cannabis. You can only use cannabis where it was cultivated. So, it would be illegal to get cannabis from another state.

Is driving under the influence of cannabis legal?

Surely not. It does not matter that the state allows the use of marijuana. Therefore, if you drive under the influence of marijuana, it will be a crime. However, you can keep up to six-ounce of marijuana in your car.

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