New Jersey Tattoo License

New Jersey Tattoo License

If you are looking for information about the main requirements for getting a New Jersey tattoo license, you are in the right place.  Find also such details as prices and certain steps to acquire an operation permit.

How to get a New Jersey tattoo license?

NJ Department of Health is a governmental institution that is responsible for providing certificates to newcomers to the tattooing sphere. However, it only approves the credentials and gives a right to the local agencies to issue the licensure.  Moreover, these kinds of facilities also need governmental licensure.

The individual who wants to get licensure has to personally apply to the local health department where the tattooing parlor is situated. This means that the NJ department of health (NJDOH) does not issue permits to the individual, it only approves them. To determine your certain steps, check with all the governing bodies and find out exactly what you have to do.

Main requirements

There are two options for entering the sphere:

  • First of all, you can take courses at special schools.
  • Secondly, you can work under the supervision of a practitioner at a tattoo salon.

The hours of your experience in this field decide the type of tattooing that you are to perform. Moreover, you have to approve your experience with the help of references from previous employers. That is to say, if your proven working experience is less than 2,000 hours, then you can work only as an apprentice. The latter operates under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. After reaching 2,000 hours, you can apply for a permit.

To work as a practitioner, one has to provide photos of ten works that he/she performed. Generally, there are special forms that at least three clients have to fill out with their consent. All the employers in this sphere also have to attend training on the Bloodborne Pathogens. Make sure that your certificate on bloodborne pathogens is up to date. Besides, the latter has to be compliant with OSHA regulations.

Another option for getting authorization is to learn all the nuances under the supervision of a qualified artist. After completing the course, you may request a paper on your experience and apply for the official certificate.

The final requirement refers to the body art parlor. The latter has to get the approval of the governmental bodies (department of health, construction, and zoning).

Applying for the New Jersey tattoo license

There is a special application form that one can find on the official website of the NJDOH. Fill it out with the needed information on the establishment and submit it to your local health division.

Moreover, you have to design your shop by the state bodies’ laws. The application includes a special checklist, and make sure that the facility where you are going to work is compliant with that inspection (like lighting, flooring, cleanliness, sanitary conditions, etc.).

Besides, any other services available at the shop should have their certification. For example, for barbering in the same location, you will also have to apply for NJ Barber License.

The above-mentioned application form is also valid for renewal requests. Do the renewal on time, otherwise, you will have to pay late fees.


As we have already mentioned, each operating facility in this sphere must have a license. The fee for the initial licensure is $200. The licensee has to renew the authorization once a year. The renewal fee is $100.The state also has a $50 late renewal fee. Besides, if the authorization is not subject to revocation and/or suspension, it is valid until the last day of December. Note, that this permit is not transferable.

“The New Jersey Sanitation Code”, Chapter 8, sets all the rules related to the Body Part Procedures. Any violation of this code causes certain violation fees. However, in the case of the first offense, the fee is $250. The second offense costs $500. For the third offense, the licensee has to pay $1,000. The fourth offense causes suspension or revocation of the certificate.

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